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Welcome to EvilCorp Wiki


Why EvilCorp?

We thought it'd be funny. Dirk (Lobster) came up with the name long before the Mr Robot series, but we don't mind.

EvilCorp is supposed to be not evil by being evil by being not like not evil companies that are evil

[EvilCorp Primary Server |]

Evil Wiki

Why this Wiki?

Various services made available by EvilCorp and its members will be documented here.

The wiki will help us document and keep you up to date on everything we're doing. So check back often.

Also look at your to find out what we're doing with our coding skills.

Evil IRC

Where are you?

EvilCorp has various communications platforms and can be found on Discord and Telegram and just about everywhere.

Specifically you can find us on

Otherwise look at our list of IRC servers/services

Find out more about IRC or read our FAQ written by our very own User:Raiden

If you're going to join us please make a note of our IRC Rules

Whats happening in the #Lobby

Evil Forum

We've also added a Forum to our services (But its down so don't bother)

Evil Incubator

What can you do for me?

The members of EvilCorp have set up infrastructure and resources to help people with ideas turn those ideas into businesses.

We would like to share our infrastructure, resources, knowledge, and expertise to help people realize their dreams.

What can I do for you?

If you would like to help support this initiative please contact us using IRC or chat or

Servers & services + other links

Here are list of our Servers & services + other links: Links

You can also donate bitcoin to 12URWRUTx1dcyjVFH5ypm6kv8yiQvTJ1NR