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Basic general information about the clients: creator/company, license etc.

Client Primary developers Software license Distribution model User interface Programming language
Adium Thijs Alkemade Free software GUI Objective-C and C
Bersirc IRC Client - about Bersirc Jamie Frater, Nicholas Copeland Free software GUI C Object Pascal Delphi originally
BitchX Colten Edwards Free software TUI, GUI C
ChatZilla Mozilla Foundation Free software GUI JavaScript, XUL
Colloquy Timothy Hatcher, Kiji Roshi Desktop: free software,
Mobile: commercial
GUI Objective-C
Convos Nordaaker Free software Web Perl
degesch Přemysl Janouch Free software TUI C
DMDirc Chris Smith, Greg Holmes, Shane McCormack Free software GUI Java
ERC Free software TUI, GUI Emacs Lisp
f-irc Folkert van Heusden Free software TUI C
HexChat Berke Viktor Free software TUI, GUI C
IceChat Paul Vanderzee Free software GUI C# (Visual Basic until 2004) IceChat History.
IRC IT (ii) IRC client. Official webpage. Nico Golde, Anselm Garbe Free software filesystem-based FIFO C
Instantbird Florian Quèze Free software GUI C/C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL
ircII Michael Sandrof Free software TUI C
IRCjr Michael Brutman Free software TUI C++
Ircle Onno Tijdgat Commercial 30-day trial GUI C
Irssi Timo Sirainen Free software TUI C
jIRCii Magic (November 20, 2004). "jIRCii review" . Raphael Mudge, Serge Baranov, Andreas Ravnestad Free software GUI, TUI Java
KiwiIRC Darren Whitlen Free software Web Javascript frontend, Node.js backend
KVIrc Szymon Stefanek Free software GUI C++
Konversation KDE Free software GUI C++
LeafChat Samuel Marshall Free software GUI Java
LeetIRC Mike Chambers Free software TUI QuickBasic
"LimeChat: IRC Client for Mac". Official site. Satoshi Nakagawa Free software "Limechat". Github. GUz RubyCocoa (2007–2010) “do not load RubyCocoa” Commit on GitHub.
Linkinus Conceited Software Commercial, 15-day trial GUI Objective-C
The Lounge Jérémie Astori, Pavel Djundik, Maxime Poulin Free software Web JavaScript
Mibbit Jimmy Moore Web banner - Textual Adbar Web JavaScript frontend,
Java backend
mIRC Khaled Mardam-Bey Shareware 30-day trial GUI C/C++ (Borland C++ originally)
Nettalk Nicolas Kruse Freeware GUI Visual Basic
Opera (web browser) - Opera (Until version 12.xx) Freeware GUI C++
Pidgeon. Petr Bena Free software GUI C#
Pidgin Free software GUI C
pIRCh Shareware GUI Delphi
PJIRC Philippe Detournay Free software GUI Java
Quassel Manuel Nickschas, Marcus Eggenberger, Alexander von Renteln Free software TUI, GUI C++
qwebirc Chris Porter Free software Web JavaScript front end,
Python backend
rcirc Ryan Yeske Free software TUI Emacs Lisp
Scrollback Askabt Free software Web, embeddable JavaScript frontend,
Node.js backend
Smuxi Mirco Bauer Free software GUI, TUI, server C#
Snak Kent Sorensen Commercial GUI
Textual Codeux Software, LLC Commercial GUI Objective-C
Visual IRC Free software GUI
WeeChat Sebastien Helleu Free software TUI, GUI C
XChat (evolved into HexChat) Unix/Linux: free software; Windows: commercial, 30-day trial

(HexChat is free of charge)

proprietary for Windows TUI, GUI C
Client Primary developers Software license Distribution model User interface Programming language